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“I can't believe I’ve spent years doing all these diets that restricted me
so much and I never really got rid of the weight. 80/20 has given me freedom
and education to finally get my life back on track, lose the weight AND keep it off.
The world needs to know about this”

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You’ll Get All This & More

For your monthly subscription

Fully personalised plan (Macros)
At the start of your journey 

Within 48 hour of starting our LifeStyle Plan experts will provide your personalised  macronutrient plan.

Daily Live Q&A sessions
Hosted by our experts

You’ll no doubt have questions while you’re on The LifeStyle Plan and our experts will be there to answer them.

16x weeks of video content
Expertly crafted

You’ll have access to our private members area to utilise the HD quality videos you’ll need to learn what you need to never diet again.

How Does It Work Differently To All The Diets You’ve Tried?

Our moto is simple: 80% of our diet should be nutritious foods. 20% of our diet should be foods we love and often consider banned. This approach has been proven to limit binging and allows for zero stress about food and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

How does it work?

With this plan you’ll NEVER DIET AGAIN…

100% Money Back Guarantee

If after 16 weeks & following all the steps you can confidently say “this didn’t work for me”, we will happily refund you the full amount.

*Terms apply


Although we have a 100% programme success rate, if after 16 weeks and following all the steps you can confidently say “this didn’t work for me”, we will happily refund you the full amount.

There are of course some things we will ask you to provide to us for a full and hassle-free refund. Criteria to be met:

– you must complete the full 16 weeks of the plan
– you must open every weekly email
– you must click on the call to action link within the emails
– submit weekly measurements through email link provided
– submit weekly photos through email
– track daily calories on whichever app you use
– track daily steps on whichever app you use
– show no CM’s losses from your measurements

All of these things are required in order to learn the things you need to know so that you Never Diet Again. Like we said, if you don’t get results, it’s all your money back.

1. Join Today

2. Get Your Personalised Calories & Macros

3. Start Seeing Results

we hope it doesn’t happen but if you want to cancel your plan, for whatever reason, you can do so after the initial 16 weeks by sending an email with the word “cancel” to and a team member will be in touch within 24 hours.

Absolutely, we know The LifeStyle Plan isn’t going to be right for everyone and some will want to go with one of our expert coaches so we make it easy for you to upgrade while on the plan. It’s simple, just send an email to with the word “upgrade” and a team member will get back to you within 24 hours.

Although you will see Dan hosts the daily live Q&A in the academy, he is not contactable through any other means. He has limited, private mentorship spots available, if you are interested in more details, please send an email with the word “mentor” to – we will respond within a 24 hour time frame or placed on a waitlist.

– 6000+ transformations since 2016
– Over a quarter of a million inches lost
– 650+ active members
– 100% programme success rate
– Coaching from anywhere in the world
– 30+ years combined experience
– Dedicated “client experience” team
– Backed by Science


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(By signing up you agree to a minimum term of 16 weeks/4 months and then move to a rolling monthly subscription until you manually cancel – we’d love to see to it that you stay)