Maybe… just maybe

Maybe the overweight woman on the bus, eating a large bag of Doritos, hasn’t eaten for 2 days and she is starving. Maybe she is so desperate to lose weight she stopped eating and after 2 days of hunger pains and HAD to eat something…. just no one has told her what to do properly.

Maybe the overweight girl in the gym, who’s been on the cross trainer for 2 hours and isn’t sweating because she so confused what to do for fat loss, she just copies other people… who also have no idea what they are doing so they just walk slowly… just no one has told her what to do properly.

Maybe the overweight man in the van eating a McDonalds is so depressed that he’s given up hope of ever changing. 5 years ago his mum died. 4 years ago his dad died and 2 years ago his wife got cancer. Maybe he has so much pain inside he simply has no idea what to do to fix it, so food comforts the pain.

Maybe the obese man in the doctors waiting room has now got so desperate to lose weight he has swallowed too many fat loss pills and hasn’t slept for 4 days. Maybe he is so distraught with trying so hard, but in the wrong direction, swallowing too many pills from Holland and Barret seemed like a good choice – it would either help with the fat loss or kill him. Maybe these are the only two options his man now has because no one has told him what to do properly.

We now live in a world where we look at someone and judge them for their size.

“ooooh shes anorexic.”
“oh my god look how huge he is”
“I wonder who ate all the pies today then”
“She is clearly going to be sick after eating all that, look how skinny she is”

The fact is, people are fighting battles you couldn’t even imagine. Our skin DOES NOT DEFINE US, but it does show us something….

It shows us just how powerful emotions can be.

Our obsessive need to be happier is causing us to be miserable and unhealthy. Our lives are now so stressful that we turn to drink, drugs or food to comfort our broken hearts.

– All psychologists know that eating disorders are ALL rooted at an emotional trauma – without exception.

– All doctors know that suicide attempts are ALL rooted at an emotional trauma – without exception.

My job, my passion, my life is now dedicated to show the world that…


It has NOTHING to do with food.
It had NOTHING to do with exercise.

Yes, both of those topics are part of the solution, but they are NOT the cause.

The route cause is emotional and as a result obesity needs to be treated with our emotions and habits at the absolute forefront.

Another reason why diets will NEVER work long term.
Another reason why getting a PT will NEVER work long term…. yep, i just went there!

If you are obese and desperate to change, tried all the diets and still obese… then you HAVE to combine your education on NUTRITION, MINDSET AND MOVEMENT.

Take responsibility for YOUR life.
No one else will do it for you, but there is one company that can help you for life.

The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan – We teach you to become emotionally awesome.

All we do is change lives

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