Company Background

Who are Life Changing Fitness?

Started by Daniel Wheeler in 2012, following his own battle with obesity and subsequent success as a front cover fitness model, Life Changing Fitness has a 100% success rate in achieving client objectives, a record we’re proud of, and are keen to uphold. Over the years, we’ve tailored and delivered bespoke fitness and nutritional plans to individuals, and seen lives changed over and over again. But we knew we had the potential to do more and change more lives.

Our solution to the end of dieting

The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan was born in 2015 from the passion and determination of Daniel Wheeler  to rid the world of diets and it is THE solution to the end of dieting.

Daniel wanted to not only tackle the nutrition education but teach people WHY diets haven’t worked for them in the past, why they couldn’t keep the weight off and why issues such as emotional eating, sleep and stress were always such huge hurdles.

Having completed a year long test phase in which we have helped over 500 women and 30 men we can proudly claim a success rate of 87% sustained weight loss in a 6 month period, with 100% success rate in achieving our completed members initial goals of seeing progress both mentally and physically.

The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan brings the community, accountability, mindset support and accessible education to EVERYONE, regardless of your goals, aspirations or budget.