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What do i get on the 7 day FREE trial?

Simply put, you get 7 days access to the first 5 weeks (of 16) video content within 80/20 and also 7 days access to the Private Facebook Group called The 80/20 Academy. With access to both areas, you can get a real sense of the support, content and amazing community here at 80/20. We want you to get a feel for the amazing education and also a snapshot of the incredible team and fellow like minded members of 80/20. You really will feel part of the team instantly and hopefully fall in love with your new way of life. Stop Dieting and Start Living

What is the 80/20 Lifestyle Plan?

The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan is the first 16 chapters in the book of your brand new happy, healthy, sustainable lifestyle. It is 16 chapters of incredible education, based on the key principles of 80/20, Nutrition, Movement and Mindset. The fantastic nutritional education and mindset support will give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and maintain them forever. You will learn how to never “diet” again and uncover a life changing way of living and enjoying life!

Imagine a lifestyle where no food is forbidden, where a flexible dieting approach teaches you how to make informed choices. A lifestyle where you will discover new ways to understand your eating behaviours. At 80/20 we will help you tackle issues such as sleep, stress and emotional eating. Challenging your inner critic and developing your self-worth, 80/20 is truly life changing.

All about the The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan

The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan was founded and created by Daniel Wheeler, Health and Fitness expert. Daniel has positioned himself amongst the elite in the industry having lost 8 stone himself, Daniel knows exactly what it is like to struggle with weight loss. It was his own journey of losing weight and keeping it off that sparked the birth of 80/20. Daniel has gone on to achieve fitness goals that only the truly dedicated have been able to achieve. He has British Records and World records to his name, as well as being an undefeated Strongman, however Daniel says that his biggest accomplishment to date is combatting his emotional and mental health battles. These are the battles that have allowed Daniel to create the incredible online plan – The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan.

Daniel’s passion to help others is second to none. As well as his immense charity work, Daniel specialises in helping men and women to become happier and healthier. Daniel has two goals…. to change peoples lives and rid the world of diets. It is Daniel’s incredible 8 stone transformation that allows him and the 80/20 team to understand exactly what YOU are going through and ensure that you get the best support and knowledge possible for your own transformation.

Do I have to start with the 7 Day Teaser Access?

Absolutely not, you can subscribe to our full plan without the free trial and gain full access to our plan, this includes weekly videos, tailored email content designed to inspire you further and exclusive discounts on our highly popular recipe books.