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“I can't believe I’ve spent years doing all these diets that restricted me
so much and I never really got rid of the weight. 80/20 has given me freedom
and education to finally get my life back on track, lose the weight AND keep it off.
The world needs to know about this”

80/20 Member - Anna Harrolds


80/20 is the anti diet. We help people transform their lives, become healthier and happier through education and moderation.
80/20 is an online program. Upon signing up, you will get access to 16 weeks of incredible video content to teach you the 3 principles of 80/20 – Nutrition, Movement & Mindset.

We help you change your lifestyle to achieve your goals – whatever they are. Fat loss, maintenance, weight gain or sports performance. It doesn’t matter what your age, ability or medical background is, we can help everyone and anyone.

Within a new lifestyle we believe that 80% of your focus should be spent on nutrition and 20% should be spent on exercise/moving more.
We believe that within Nutrition, 80% of our food should be nutritious foods and 20% should be the things that we all love and enjoy 😉
Within exercise, we believe that 80% should be based on weight training and 20% on cardio.
Within mindset, we believe that 80% should focus on positive psychology and 20% should focus on using CBT techniques to become happier and in-turn, healthier.

Support and community are also a huge aspect of The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan and when you join 80/20, you will be surrounded by a warm and welcoming group of people on the same journey as you, which is also supported by a team of experts to answer any and all questions you may have on your path.

That’s the 80/20 way.


  • – Eat more food
  • – Lose more weight
  • – Sleep easier & better
  • – Reduce Stress Levels
  • – Improve your family’s health & lifestyle


  • – To become fitter we need to move more
  • – Understand which exercise is best for you
  • – How to burn fat, fast!
  • – How to get stronger and fitter
  • – Cant exercise? Don’t panic, we can help there too.


  • – Finally stop Binging/Emotional eating
  • – We support you through it all, every step of the way
  • – Find your inner motivation
  • – Challenge negative thoughts
  • – Finally love yourself more

80/20 – Changing the lives of thousands…and counting.

Louisa is an 80/20 online legend. Her goal was to lose weight and become pregnant after struggling for over 2 years to conceive. After just 18 weeks of 80/20, Louisa is now expecting her first child. We are so happy for her.

All we do is change lives


With 80/20, we understand that your hard earned money is crucially important to your lifestyle and family. We also understand how easy it is to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on Fad Diets, only for them to not work. That’s why, with 80/20, you are safe in the security that if after 16 weeks you have seen no physical or mindset changes, we will give you all your money back. No quibble!

Simply sign up to 80/20 today, check-in with us every week for 16 weeks (all information supplied upon signing up) and follow all the simple objectives we set you (on avg 2 objectives a week) – that’s it. If after 16 weeks, you have seen no changes, you will get all your money back.

We are so confident your life will be transformed that we are proud to offer this no quibble money back guarantee, giving you the reassurance that 80/20 isn’t just ‘another diet’… its a lifestyle change.

What do our clients say?


The 80/20 Macro Recipe E-Books

The only recipe books in the world to contain the MyFitnessPal barcode scanner to help you track every portion you cook. Unlike other recipe books, these contain all ingredients, calories, allergies and much more.

Premium content is included in the 80/20 Lifestyle Plan

When you join The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan, you will also gain access to exclusive, premium content that you wont find anywhere else in the world: –

  • 16 weeks of video content – emailed to you every week (To find out what the content includes, click here)
  • Weekly workout example plans
  • Example meal plans
  • HUNDREDS of recipes
  • Unlimited access to the team for help and support
  • Mindset support
  • Weekly articles to learn from
  • Exclusive discounts on all seminars & workshops
  • Amazing, friendly and motivating community with like minded 80/20 legends
  • Training and workout advice
  • Mindset articles
  • Nutrition advice
  • Email & FaceBook support

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